Company Manufacturing

Company Manufacturing

Skama Biotechhas manufacturing operations in different locations in India and also different countries with diverse regulatory requirements. We Manufacture our products in WHO-GMP Approved manufacturing facilities equipped with state -of -art equipments.

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of manufacturing a broad range of Dosage forms starting from Tablets including dispersible Tablets and Sustained release Tablets, Suspension, powder for suspensions, to Sterile Injectables, Lyophilized Injections, effervescent Granules, Direct compression granules, Topical gels and creams and others.

Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals with effective quality management is of paramount importance to Skamabiotech's success. Our manufacturing sites are all regularly evaluated internally and inspected by regulatory authorities to ensure that finished products have the desired identity, strength, quality and purity.

We specialize in the manufacturing of the following Dosage forms:

  • Dry Powder injection:
    The Dry powder injection filling area: Washing of vials is done in a class 1 lack area with HVAC System. The entire process from washing to filling and sealing is done through an automatic tunnel system without any human intervention.

  • Liquid sterile Injection:
    Liquid injections are manufactured similarly in the automatic tunnel system with the exception of manufacturing the batch which is followed by aseptic filtration.

  • Encapsulated Formulations:
    We manufacture Encapsulated Formulations which not only facilitate the dissolution of drugs, but can also change their pharmacokinetics and bio-distribution and therefore facilitate their uptake by specific tissues and internalization by target cells.

  • Effervescent Granules:
    These are coarse to very coarse powders containing a medicinal agent in a dry mixture usually composed of an acidic or an alkaline effervescent agent.

  • Sachets
    Our dry syrups are packaged uniquely as single dose sachets made of 4 layered aluminum foils making the formulation extremely stable and convenient to carry.

  • Capsules
    Capsules are also manufactured in automated machines that handle the entire process from filling to polishing without any human intervention.

  • Tablets
    Production is carried out in dedicated manufacturing areas for different therapeutic categories under AHU systems having 5-micron filters.

We use state-of-the-art packaging equipment using cold forming blisters to maintain product stability. At Skama Biotech we understand and value the responsibility towards building a healthy and disease free society.

You can rely on us to provide you with the finest quality finished formulations as we are strongly committed to WHO-GMP approved Drug manufacturing for overseas markets.